Asheville Art

An Artist from Asheville

I have played a lot of games online and offline and I have been playing almost all kinds of games from the past 10 years approximately. We all used to play the games on our PCs or on our laptops before the smartphones came into existence since then the technology has changed a lot and now the game that we used to play on our PCs, laptops, and PlayStation can be played on our smartphones anywhere and anytime.

I started playing 8 ball pool when it came for my mobile device, at that time when this came for smartphones, I owned an android device. I had never played that game before in my life even though it was available for the PC on the official website of After the game was launched for smartphones, many of my friends who do not even play games on any platform started playing this game.

I became a little curious after watching all my friends spending all their time playing this pool game and after this, I downloaded the 8 ball pool game on my mobile device and played it for the very first time in my life. On my first try, I was not able to make a proper aim of the ball and I had no idea what type of balls are meant to be potted by me. I potted whatever comes into my aim and direction and even after potting so many balls I lost the match. 

It was a little frustrating at the start that I thought it was an absolute useless game and all my friends have lost their minds. I decided not to play this game but after some time when I was not able to sleep at night, I opened the game again and tried to understand what I am supposed to do. I realized that the first ball that you pot in the hole or your opponent pots into hole becomes his priority and the other one becomes yours. I he is potting the stripes into the holes then I have to pot solids into the hole. You won’t believe after understanding the basic concept about this game, I played it for around 3-4 hours constantly on my mobile while charging it. 

After playing it for this long time, I got addicted to this game and then I realized why my friend is constantly playing this game all day long. This is an absolutely addictive game once you start playing it and you will definitely want to succeed further and collect more 8 Ball Pool Free Coins by using different techniques so that you can move into bigger tournaments and win big prize money from them.

You need coins if you want to move further into this game and for the free pool coins, you have to use many tricks within this game to have a regular flow of free coins every day and compete in bigger tournaments. Now that I have played it and mastered the skills of potting the balls I opted for the hacks of 8 ball pool to get further into this game, you can also do this but you have to master your skills and techniques at first if you want to grow in this game.

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