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Salt Creek Gallery Show- 2010


Aggressive fine art

(charcoals, outsider, sculpture, metal furniture)



What is folk art?


This site was incepted originally as a virtual art gallery with a brick and mortar presence in Asheville, NC (North Carolina).  Somewhat offbeat is our offering on metaphysical art or I suppose another phrase might be 'spiritual art.' Syprian does  charcoal drawings, metal  sculpture. We feel that his sculpture is a very angry and confrontational art, so we're looking at it as art brut, definitely outsider...because he is self-schooled artist. However, there is not the predominant 'innocence' that has become a hallmark of the outsider tradition, rather an intelligent and removed hostility there. He tells us that he like the phrase visionary art. We hope to attract art collectors and other knowledgeable people as visitors to our site. One last word regarding Asheville culture art galleries: we don't open at any given time...our art gallery is open by appointment only. . BTW, we have a concise art bookshelf on the site about asheville art and culture, Ashville, american folk art, Ashville artists,  culture of asheville, art and crafts of asheville, asheville north carolina artists, and art brut outder art brut outsider art brut