“Asheville Art” is a website made for all of you to see how beautiful and creative everything is around you. If you have a creative mind, you will see the world differently. I belong to Asheville and being an artist i see the world with different perspective. I always try to find out something creative and something interesting in everything I see and everywhere I go. This actual purpose for this website is to share how a creative mind can see the world through his or her eyes.

You all can visit my blogs from anywhere and see how strange some things can be in your day to day life. Maybe you will also start watching and observing things just like me and other creative minds. 

Read our blogs made on very interesting and entertaining perspective with a motive to make you think about certain things. You can see a variety of blogs made on really common niche and you can choose according to your interests and preferences.

All the blogs are written solely for the purpose of entertainment and information and the content in each blog is very unique and interesting. Hope you all like the blogs!!