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The best place I have ever been to is Washington dc. Washington dc is the capital f the united states of America with an estimated population of 6.33 lakh.  The name of the city is coined after George Washington the then president of America. It is considered to be among the oldest cities in the USA. 

Washington dc is a home to many archaic buildings and constructions. Almost every building in symbolises the elite architecture that makes people look in awe. 


I have some of my school friends working in Washington dc and they tell a lot about the place and about the things to do in dc at night. Their stories are so regaling that I keep listening to them for hours with rapt attention. Their stories were so fetching that I made up my mind to visit Washington dc.

Recently I got an opportunity to go to the USA on an office tour. We had a seminar in California. I anyhow managed to get some time out of my hectic schedule and flew to Washington just to see how it looks in real. It was exactly as the description given by my friend. I was lost in the street, trying to figure out what to do and where to go.

Gps helped me a lot. It sailed me through the intricate alleys of the city. 

Now it was the time to see what to do. So I took my phone out of my pocket to search for things to do in dc at night. Google suggested me plenty of things but I prefer not listening to it and did things I have always been doing in past with other places. I sat back and relaxed and waited for the sun to sink.

It was dark and I went inside a cafe. I ordered a pint of ale beer and some food. I was amazed to see the price tags. I never had such an expensive dish in my entire life. It cost an arm and a leg. After footing the bill, I got out of that cafe and sat on a bench wondering if this is right place to be at present. I realised it was not. I took the train and came back to California on the same night. 

I was with around 14 other colleagues who had come for the same. the next day we got back to India. I also had stories to tell now. Now I am imposing my bucket lists on other. Its fun doing that. I keep regaling my office mates with the stories and experiences I had in Washington dc

 I also suggest people see Washington if possible. It is a  damn god place but the only problem that I face there was a lack of money. The place won’t look good if you don’t have a wallet crammed full of money. It’s useless going there.

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