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Music is one of the best options, when you are alone and spend some pleasant time with yourself. And you will find many websites on the internet where you can download your favourite music. But when you search for music albums on the internet, you will find countless lists of websites. Some fake websites will take you to different sites, and some are genuine. Some of the websites are not updated, and you won’t find the new collection, they are limited with the older collection. Some of the websites are genuine, but it is difficult for the user to download the music or you have to pay to download the files.

Here, we are going to list some of the best music album download websites where you can find all categories of music album collection.

  1. iMusic:- iMusic is one of the favourite websites among all others, as you can find all types of music collection. Right from the 60s to till date. iMusic is at the top as it gives you to listen and download all the updated music in a few clicks. iMusic gives you to search and download your favourite music from more than 2500 music sites, including Spotify, youtube, etc. It also allows you to record the audio if the music fails to download from that site. iMusic has some features like transferring music between different devices. It also allows you to keep a backup of the library and many more. iMusic has its premium version where a user can pay and enjoy much more hidden features it.
  2. Beemp3s:- BeeMp3s is one of the authorised site and a high rated music search engine where you can search and download music with different bitrates and clear voices. Beemp3s also gives you a very easy search option, as the design of the website is simple and user friendly. BeeMp3s also gives you the music of the top-rated artists on its home page.
  3. Mp3juices:- Mp3juices allows you to search and download your music album of all classes. It is a free downloading site and easy to use. It also gives you a unique feature to convert video music to mp3 in a simple way.
  4. Imgur:- Imgur album downloader has some of the noticeable features in its design and function. It has a huge collection, and you can download your favourite music album free. It also gives you the feature to play the music according to your mood, whether you want to listen to fast or slow music. Along with downloading, Imgur also allows you to upload your album on its website. Imgur album downloader gives you a platform to share your album with the user.
  5. Bandcamp:- Bandcamp is a popular music website with a large capacity of old and new collections. It became popular because artists can upload their music album and set their price without paying any fee.

These are some of the best album downloading websites that are currently working without any complaint and gives the user their favourite music with satisfaction.

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