Asheville Art

An Artist from Asheville

Howard was getting bored sitting ideally at he decided to ditch his daily routine of hogging fried food in the evening and thought of going to the park for a soon as he reached there, he saw a commotion going on there to which he got attracted fact everybody in the park did. He saw that penny board lovers and skateboard lovers both are standing in a wrestling rink..both the sides are ready to give a tough fight to each other..both the sides are putting their best arguments who will win this argument of Penny board V/S Skateboard was the big question.

Penny boards and skateboards are both used to have a little fun and as a mode of transportation, but both are available in the market under different names and are used under different pretexts..even Howard wanted to know the difference as he got interested in buying he thought of figuring out what is the actual difference between both of them and solve the matter once and for all. (He asked both the parties to explain)

  • The size they come in: Penny boards are little in size as compared to the skateboards, but hey..both are equally adventurous and interesting to use.
  • How they feel when used– Penny boards are small in size, thus, they are a little less stable and a little less comfortable to push it around..whereas because of it’s bigger size, skateboards are more stable and comfortable to use.
  • The material used in manufacturing– Penny boards are manufactured using plastic..whereas skateboards are manufactured using sturdy and tough materials like wood, brass, fiberglass, steel and aluminium.
  • Presence of grip tape: Penny boards does not have any kind of grip tape..whereas skateboard has a grip tape (it is a grainy, sandpaper-like sheet with an extremely sticky underside that you paste it to the skateboard deck surface to provide grip, or traction. No matter what style you’re skating, grip tape is a must if you wish to maintain a balance on the board).
  • Feasibility: Penny boards are rather easy to operate within the city, on the streets or pavements..whereas skateboards are used on ramps, skate parks, mostly for stunts.
  • How to customize :  Penny boards can be customized easily and for that, the sky is the limit..whereas skateboards cannot be customized, only limited options are available.
  • Variety: There is a lot of variety available when you buy penny boards, a lot of colors and designs especially..but in the case of skateboards there is not much variety.
  • Expenses: Penny boards are comparatively easier on the pockets as compared skateboards..skateboards are rather expensive and might cost a bomb to you.

Both the products have their own set of pros and cons and both cannot be weighed to know which is better and which is not. So, it is rather better to say that both Penny board and skateboards can be useful according to the requirements of it’s owner or user.

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