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As summer approaches, the air is getting hotter and so is the party mood. A chill refreshing frank can enlighten your mind as well as the party mood. Everybody likes to have an icy glass of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink to refresh their mind and body during the summer season. So, here is a list of 10 chilling drinks that you can enjoy with your friends this summer.

  1.  Kiwi Margarita: Kiwi Margarita is one of the favorite drinks of party lovers. It is made by a perfect blend of kiwi crush, lemon, crushed ice, and salt. The good thing is that you can make it an alcoholic drink by adding some vodka to it.
  2. Juicy Watermelon and Pineapple Drink: This is one of the most thirst-satisfying drinks of summer. Prepared by blending fresh Watermelon, pineapple, guava and lemon, this drink is a joy for people who do not consume alcoholic drinks.
  3. Coconut Rose Milk Shake: It is a refreshing drink prepared with coconut water, rose petals, and milk. To add an extra chilling taste you can add powdered ice to it.
  4. Churned Yogurt Drink: When we talk of summer, how can we forget to put up this drink on the list. Chilled Yogurt is Churned in the blender along with sugar, salt, and ice to prepare this delicious drink.
  5. Pina Colada:This is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks for parties. This refreshing drink is made by blending fresh pineapple juice and coconut milk with vanilla ice cream and rum.
  6. Spicy Tomato Punch: Tomatoes are definitely good for health, but you can also convert it into a delicious tangy drink. Fresh farm tomatoes blended with lemon and spices with a pinch of salt and powdered ice can provide you with a refreshing drink that will energize your body during a hot summer day. 
  7. Ice Wine: If you are wondering how to drink ice wine or never heard of ice wine, then here is the basic information. Ice wine is made from naturally frozen grapes and it originated in the colder regions of Germany, Austria, and Canada. When served chilled, it can be a delight for your guests on a hot summer party. To find the best quality ice wine and learn how to drink ice wine you can check out this website (
  8. Blackberry Mule: As summer is the best time for the availability of blackberries, this drink is seen in abundance in summer cocktail parties. Blackberries mixed with crushed ice, lemon, ginger beer, and vodka provide an awesome flavor and taste to this drink.
  9. Strawberry Daiquiri: A chilled drink made with crushed strawberries, crushed ice cubes, lime slices, and white rum is an absolute delight for every party animal during the hot summer days. That is why Strawberry Daiquiri is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks for summer parties.
  10. Mango Hurricane: Mango is one of the best summer fruits, and it can be converted into a refreshing alcoholic drink. Blend Mango juice with orange wedge, cherry, grape juice, pineapple, lime wedge, dark rum and crushed ice cubes, and you will have one of the best alcoholic drinks of summer.

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