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My name is Thomas and I’m a math teacher in one of the best schools in my town. It is actually the same school I attended as a student. So basically, I’m a teacher in my alma mater. And it is quite an interesting feeling if you ask me. Imagine having the same experiences all over again. The interesting memories that you have with your school. I get to experience those memories all over again.

This article is about how I spend a typical day in my school as a math teacher. So, let me begin by telling you about the first thing that I do after reaching school.

I get into the principal’s office and sign a register. Then I go straight to the staff room where I greet my colleagues and have some conversation. Twenty minutes later, I reach my classroom (X A) where my students keep waiting for me. I’m greeted with a loud and cheerful “good morning”. 

I start the classes and go on till the break. In between, I go to the staffroom to take a look at my routine for the day.

This goes on till all the classes get over. Then I reach home and have my lunch and take some rest for a while. I get up in half an hour hearing the noise from my students. They come for tuition classes. There are twenty of them in a batch. In total there are sixty students in three batches. The tuition classes go on till evening. 

Finally, when it is evening, I take another class for underprivileged kids in my locality. This is the class I always look forward to. There are currently only five students in this special batch. I teach them basic math. I also teach them other stuff like using the online truth table generator. On one occasion, I found a kid so fascinated by the online truth table generator that he decided to create one of his own. He is the most curious of the five in the group. I really hope his parents let him continue his studies and let him become what he wants to become.

Once this class gets over, I take my dog with me and go for a long walk outdoors. I spend the evening in solitude. This helps me relieve the stress from the day’s work.

I get back in two or three hours and take a shower. After that, I start my guitar practice. I love this thing about myself. I’m constantly putting effort into learning something new. Playing the guitar is something that has recently come into my radar. I’m dedicating half an hour every day in learning about this instrument and trying to play some tunes on my own.

That is pretty much how I spend my day as a math teacher. I don’t know how many of you can relate to this but I think that this routine is quite different from the routines followed by people from other professions.

Hope you found something valuable from this post. Let me know your opinions in the comment section below.

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