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What Is Pokemon Go?

  • Pokemon go is a real-life adventure game launched by Nintendo, which was released in the middle of 2016. 
  • This game became very popular from its first day of release as it was one of the major cartoons for the 90s kids. 
  • Niantic has developed and published this game originally but it is basically a collaboration between big giants like Nintendo, pokemon company and the Niantic.
  • Launched with the first generation Pokemon which were only 150 at that time, this number has increased significantly to 480 now.
  • This is a free game available on the play store and app store for users all around the world.
  • Game uses your GPS location and the virtual person inside the game that is supposed to be you, moves along with the GPS signal.
  • Technology used in this game was quite different from different games like you have to go out and walk to locations to find out Pokemon in the wild, catch them, battle in gyms and collect some pokeballs, potions and other stuff from the pokestops. 
  • Using the AR technology this game caused many accidents as well in the real-life world and it raised the question of human security.

What Is Special In This Game?

  • Pokemon go is different from any other games and that is the main highlight that makes it more special than any other game.
  • You have to go out if you want to play this game make a team and battle in the gym to earn batches just like it was there in the cartoon.
  • Everyone is more interested in catching rare Pokemon species every time and this thing makes it even more engaging.
  • 90s kids had always admired to be a Pokemon trainer at some point in time and with this game, all those people who wished for this day really enjoyed being a trainer themselves.
  • This game provided a real-life experience to all its users as if you want to catch a water-type Pokemon you will find those near water if you are in a garden or some green areas you will find more grass and ground type Pokemon there. This is one of the biggest specialty of this game that it is more like the real world.

How Pokemon Go Works?

  • It works with the google maps and google play services which used your location as a tool to locate you on the Pokemon go map.
  • You have to turn on your GPS and your internet data to play this game, this game doesn’t support any offline mode, you have to go online in order to play this game.
  • Once you turn on the internet and the GPS on your device you have to move from one place to another to play this game. Pokemon will only appear when to move around.

Is There Any Way To Cheat?

Yes, definitely there is a way possible to cheat in this game quite comfortable and everyone can do this simple thing on their own just by watching some simple steps online. Wondering where you will find these simple steps online? Try and follow the steps to be able to gain unlimited stardust and candies by hacking into this game.

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