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As you all know that art is everywhere and entertainment is a form of art which is a part of our daily life. Dancing, Singing, Acting, these all are a form of art. We all see many “Singers”, “Dancers” and “Actors” on television everyday entertaining us through their performance, these people are called artists because they have a specific way of delivering you something which is interesting, entertaining and informative.

For example you see a person who is making a “Tattoo” on someone’s arm is an artist because he has a talent which is different from others and he is doing something which is quite interesting and unique.

Entertainment is made up by “Art”, there would be no Entertainment if there were no artists who created a medium between people and the information. They all are called “Artists” because they have thought something unique or created something unique which became the bridge to connect to many people at the same time.

An artistic mind has got idea which a normal average person can’t even think of. Art is now pursed as a career and profession worldwide because if you are really creative and broad minded in thinking about the possibilities people will appreciate your work more and they will pay the amount according to your will.

This is the difference between an “Artist” and a “Working Employee”. An Employee can never ask for certain amount according to his will rather he is getting a fixed remuneration every month by his employer but the same employer when goes to visit some artist he cannot fix his charge now the artist will charge him according to his terms.

If you are an artist you are not an employee of anyone, you have the art with you which can open many gates for you.

Suppose you are a singer people will call you for performances and they will ask you about your charges. If you are really good in your line of art you will surely get what you would want, not what others are willing to pay. You are coming to entertain everyone, delivering performance to many people at the same time. Same is the case with dancers, comedians and theatre artists, they all have created something special in them that all the others want to see or hear them.

Ever heard of a person who is working in some multinational companies and people are begging him to come so that they can see that person. Even if the artist is earning comparatively low from a working employee people would still want to see that artist not a working professional.

Entertainment is loved by all and it is a better way to reach out to many people at the same time. “Artists” working in the entertainment industry has made this platform very popular among all the generation of people. .

Not everyone has the talent to work in the entertainment sector but yes you can develop it through practice but mostly all the artisans are born with this hidden talent to entertain people through their performances.

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