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Copper is utilized in an assortment of applications, one of which is electrical wires. Whether it’s a power cable for a TV, computer, kitchen appliance, or construction apparatus, it’s likely made of copper. Including the atomic number 29, this red-earthy colored metal has become basic to our regular day to day existence by helping power countless devices. If you are searching for wiring your home and don’t have the foggiest idea about the cable necessity at your home, have a go at utilizing the Cable Size Calculator for this prep and choose the correct wire size for wiring your home. 

Copper isn’t the main material that can communicate electricity, so for what reason is it favored for creating electrical wires?

High Conductivity

Outperformed distinctly by silver, copper is an exceptionally conductive metal. This implies electricity can go through it without hardly lifting a finger, making it perfect for use in electrical wires. Companies can utilize other conductive metals to create electrical wires. Except if they utilize silver, however, the high conductivity properties of copper take into account a more prominent distance of electrical current travel. Companies can create longer, better performing electrical wires utilizing copper rather than most other conductive metals.


Copper is likewise moderately modest when compared to other metals. Gold, for instance, is an excellent conductor of electricity, however, it costs a few times more than copper. In the event that companies utilized gold to manufacture electrical wires, they’d basically squander cash, as copper is more conductive and costs not as much as its objective counterpart. This by itself is reason enough to make copper the true norm for electrical wires. 

High Ductility

Copper isn’t simply conductive; it’s likewise ductile. In other words, you can curve and flex copper — somewhat — without it breaking or otherwise continuing harm. For what reason is this significant? All things considered, electrical wires should frequently go through dividers, floors, ceilings, and other restricted spaces. The ductile properties of copper composite copper electrical wires to curve and flex. They’ll despite everything communicate electricity, and they won’t lose any power quality from shape distortion.

Thermal Resistant

An advantage of copper electrical wires that is regularly ignored is its thermal-safe properties. According to reports, electrical flames are answerable for more than 51,000 private house fires in the United States each year — and that is not accounting for commercial/business fires. Copper electrical wires are more secure to use than wires made of most other conductive metals because they are impervious to warm. 

Copper is the favored metal for electrical wires for a few reasons. It has high electrical conductive; it’s economical; it’s ductile, and it’s thermal safe. 

Compatible With Almost All Appliances

A great deal of the appliances and other electrical hardware available today use copper and perform best when they’re matched with copper electrical wiring. You can generally utilize other sorts of electrical wiring if that is the thing that you have. Yet, the various kinds of wiring won’t generally be compatible. 

At times, you can harm the copper wiring in your appliances by connecting them to wiring that isn’t made out of copper. It probably won’t be achievable for you to rewire your entire home right currently to guarantee that your appliances match up with your home’s electrical wiring. In any case, if you have the choice, to begin with, copper wiring, that is your smartest option.

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