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Sanitizers are one of the most essential needs in today’s world but excessive use of this essential commodity can lead to serious problems for humans. Just like any other thing in this world sanitizers do have some disadvantages and people should avoid excessive usage of hand sanitizers.

Maybe people think that using them is protecting themselves from bacteria and viruses outside, which is indeed true but this does not mean that using them regularly is good for humans after they are made up of several chemicals and over usage of these chemicals results in negative for the humans.

Apart from humans, some people even use it on their clothes to fight against the germs on their clothes. So, does it help in removing those bacteria from your clothes, or does hand sanitizer stain clothes only? The answer will surprise you as sanitizer may not remove all the bacteria from your clothes but it can definitely put some hard non-removable stains on your clothes. 

So before making such use of your hand sanitizer it is advised that you read out all the disadvantages of using hand sanitizers.

Bacteria Become Resistant

When you use so much sanitizer the bacteria become more resistant to the alcohol which makes them more powerful. So if you are a frequent sanitizer user then you are at great risk of inviting more bacteria and viruses. The immunity of all the viruses and bacteria becomes more resistant to alcohol which allows them to be more active on your skin or any object. This is a major drawback of using excessive sanitizer. A product that is made to eliminate all the viruses makes them more powerful and on the other hand, you are more vulnerable to diseases.

Skin Issues

Overuse of the sanitizer even impacts your skin and you will feel uneasy after some time of regular usage of hand sanitizer. There are many skin problems that may occur like skin redness, irritation, peeling of the skin, bleeding from cracks, and rashes. These things are very common with people who are using them excessively. Even the doctor advises people to use more soap instead of using sanitizers at home as it will damage your skin due to the presence of alcohol and bleach.

Alcohol Poisoning

The alcohol-based liquid sanitizers that most people use at their workplace or at home contain a large amount of ethyl or isopropyl which is harmful to the health of the individuals. Most importantly you should keep them away from the reach of small children to avoid any kind of mishappening with them. As of now, the situation demands to use alcohol-based sanitizer only to remove the virus and bacteria but even if you are buying such sanitizer make sure that you do not instantly eat something after applying the hand sanitizer to avoid poisoning.

Easily Catch Fire

The sanitizer that you are using contains alcohol which can be triggered with a small flame or spark itself. Make sure that you keep your alcohol far from places like the kitchen, electrical outlets, wirings, flammable things, and things that can ignite the fire. Store them in a cool and dry place, and never take them with you if you are dealing with something which involves fire. Keep them away from children as you never know what comes to their minds and what they may do with the sanitizer.

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