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It was the time of winter three years back we bought a new room heater. It was like a new member of our family and is still continuing the same until today. Since the first day, it has attained a very loving place in our family because of my grandpa who is a very big lover of it. He still in the cold chilly wintry weather switches on to the heater and spends the whole day inside the room, studying books, reading newspapers, and enjoying the tea watching cricket.

My grandpa is aged old and we didn’t found him good to sit near fire or always allow him to wear shawls. We all thought for a long and finally decided to bring a new halogen room heater. Today the heater proved to us that we had the right decision, as it is very safe for health and till date, it has not caused any harm to grandpa or any other else.

All electrical appliances are fitted with some pros and cons. From my three years of experience with the heater, I can describe to you some very good advantages as well as some disadvantages of it.


  • Energy Savers: Halogen heaters are well ranked for its energy-saving capacity as it warms up very quickly and radiates heat to the small targeted area without massive useless spread, reduces the headache of paying massive electricity bills.
  • Environment Friendly: No smoke is released from the halogen lamps as a result no fear of affection from harmful gases like carbon monoxide. People suffering from dust allergies will be relieved as it only heats up the objects around it, not the air.
  • Safety features: It is totally safe to use with no negative impacts on health or to the environment. As there is no heat formation by the halogen lamps, it will be a good decision to store it even in a house that has small kids or pets because there is no risk of getting burned if accidentally comes in touch with it.
  • Installations: Regarding the many alternative heating methods, halogen lamps are very easy to install. Even after turning it off, keeps the surrounding warm for a longer period of time.
  • Budget-Friendly: Halogen heaters provide massive user advantages at a very affordable price which cares for the customers not to empty their pockets.

Regardless of the benefits of using halogen heaters, there are even some of the demerits to count.


  • Unsuitable for space heating: Halogen heaters are a good radiant of heat but not ideal in space heating until it is required to heat large areas or buildings.
  • Bit expensive: Because of the advanced features in halogen heaters it is a bit more expensive as compared to other forms of heatings depending upon its number of watts. The more the watt, the more amount of electricity is required by it to run.
  • Heating width limits: One of its demerits is that the heater only heats the targeted area in front of which it is placed. For instance, if the person is slightly away from the heating area he/she will remain cold.

From the tubes containing halogen, halogen heaters extract the radiant energy and use it to heat up and create a radiating source of heat that is equipped with blowers that push out warm waves of heat from the internal chamber which in turn warms up the room. These halogen room heaters are very light and affordable and can easily be carried from one place to another.

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