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You may cherish Obsidian for its black, shiny lava component. This gemstone is naturally made from genuine volcanic magma. It is one of the most significant parts of the crystal healing world. Obsidian is the Powerful Protector in Black. Did you realize that Obsidian additionally arrives in a variety of exquisite colors? 

The most effective method to find the colors of obsidian 

Is there color in your Obsidian? Some of the time, what shows up as a Black Obsidian stone is really harboring an entire universe of mystery colors inside. Follow these means to find the rainbow, sheen, and colors inside your Obsidian: 

For obsidian that looks black

1. Hold your piece to a solid flashlight or direct daylight. A weak telephone flashlight probably won’t take care of the work, so find the most splendid light you can. 

2. Gradually move the stone for what it’s worth and watch it under every single point of the light. 

Obsidian Stone Colors

BLACK OBSIDIAN: It is the easiest to identify the obsidian color, If your Obsidian stone is totally black and strong, you have Black Obsidian. You can’t turn out badly in identifying black obsidian. 

APACHE’S TEAR OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is black yet clear with plunges, veins, and white Perlite inclusions, you have Apache’s Tear Obsidian 

MIDNIGHT LACE OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is black yet clear with striped examples, you have Midnight Lace Obsidian.

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone shines with at least one color of the rainbow (Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Gold, Yellow, and so on), you have Rainbow Obsidian. 

SHEEN OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone shines with glittery specks of Gold, Silver, Bronze, or a combination of these, you have Gold Sheen Obsidian, Silver Sheen Obsidian, Bronze Sheen Obsidian, or a combo 

More Obsidian Rock Types 

A few sorts of Obsidian needn’t bother with a flashlight to be decoded. You can determine what they are normally by first look. These are different kinds of famous and powerful Obsidian gemstones: 

MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is a woody brownish-red tone with black examples, it is Mahogany Obsidian 

SPIDERWEB OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is a strong blueish dim color typically with spiderweb-like examples, it is Spiderweb Obsidian 

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: If your Obsidian stone is black with dim snowflake-like examples on a superficial level, it is Snowflake Obsidian 

Basic Meaning Of Having An Obsidian Stone 

Obsidian is the top crystal to shield you from outside negative powers. Is it accurate to say that you are tired of being besieged with complaints of collaborators, clients, outsiders, and even relatives? Obsidian mirrors these life-dampening vibrations so your atmosphere remains sheltered and new. Obsidian becomes a close acquaintance with you in the midst of enthusiastic and physical pain. Obsidian is significant for healers in their magical practices; it guarantees that the customer’s stuff isn’t passed to the healer. 

The White Holes in Obsidian 

Ordinarily, you will find minimal white pits on the outside of your Obsidian. These are different from the grayish-white Snowflake Obsidian designs that are framed from Spherulite minerals. Minimal white pits, generally harsh, are the consequence of air rises along the surface. Obsidian is solidified lava, all things considered. During the hardening cycle, air pockets can be caught within the stone. This is totally natural and doesn’t influence the healing power of your pearl.

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