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Funko pop collection is a very interesting hobby if you can make it. There are more than 8000 different vinyl pop figures you can collect. It is such a large collection that a single room is not sufficient for all those funko pop figures.

I am a big fan of funko pop, and I have a separate room full of various funko pop collections. I have started collecting those pops for 8years. My first funko pop was ‘The Baby Yoda’ from ‘Star Wars’. He is an infant member of the alien species which added a strong ability in the force. He was small and cute with large ears and an innocent face. The appearance and character of this Baby Yoda won my heart in the movie that I made a good collection of baby Yoda funko pop, along with the other vinyl figures. Thereafter my collection grew with different funko pops.

Buying a funko pop mystery box is an exciting experience. The word ‘mystery’ itself explains how interesting it is to unbox. There is always suspense before opening the mystery box because you will always find a surprising funko gift after unboxing it. One of the best funko pop mystery boxes I have unboxed is The Avenger: End game mystery box. It was an ultra size mystery box containing 20 different funko pops. I was so excited to unbox it, that after every four vinyl figures the fifth pop was a surprising pop for me. I discovered most of my favourite funko pop characters like the Hulkbuster, Loki, Iron-Man: Mark LXXXV, The Falcon and many others.

I am a big fan of The Marvel Studio and love all the characters present in the series. Some of my favourite heroes of the Marvel universe are The Captain America, The Groot, The Iron-Man, The Hulk, The Spider-Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Rocket, Ant-Man, Clint Barton, Doctor Strange, The Falcon.

The DC Universe also brought forward its large and greatest world superheroes. There are iconic heroic characters present in the DC world like The Superman, The Batman, and The Wonder Woman. The funko pop presents from the DC world are also attractive that can add a good number and variety in the collection.

There are various other collections with different characters in the funko world, like Alladin from the Disney World, The Lion King, Mr Bean, Olaf, Anna from the Frozen, Theon with Flaming arrow from Game of Thrones, The Baby Nuts, etc. All those funko pop figures are present in my funko room. Most of my collection is through the funko pop mystery box. I have spent over 20k in mystery boxes, and every time I open, it was quite interesting.

So, I advise all the funko pop fans to buy the funko pop mystery box and enjoy the excitement while unboxing it. There are some online stores where you can find the best funko pop mystery box collection. And if you do not want to be cheated, you are advised to go through the review pages before making an order for your favourite funko pops.

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