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Miley is the resident of Chicago, she is sixteen years oldĀ  high school student. Miley is a gorgeous, beautiful plus size girl and an enthusiastic promoter of body positivity on Instagram.She is a star on Instagram with half a million followers, which is pretty decent. She is somewhat a celeb in her school as well as in her neighborhood because she is ultra confident and promotes what she believes in, which is something to be proud of. We have been a constant follower of this girl and we think that she has the power to reach to great heights because she has immense potential. She is sanguine, optimistic and a power house, her oratory skills are exemplary.

Whereas being a believer in body positivity and promoting is a really good thing, but when we look into her life(she posts several pictures and stories on Instagram) we see that her junk food intake is quite high. She is a pizza lover and consumes it at least once in two days, which is unhealthy. She is an avid consumer of soda and drinks at least four to five cans a day, which obviously is not ideal. While looking at her routine, we notice that she is not into exercising as well, she does not work out in any manner to keep herself going, which might prove fatal for her.

Turns out, she had been admitted to the hospital recently, she suffered a heart attack! Can you believe it? A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD HAVING A HEART ATTACK! After interviewing her parents, we got to know that Miley was in this position because of her poor eating habits, even the doctors had recommended a solid diet change otherwise she might loose her life even before she could live properly. The parents were really concerned and wanted their child to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life. This was a tough blow on Miley as she thought that she had a lot to achieve and probably she might not have the time to do , just then, her parents and doctors advised her to bring major changes in her lifestyle. Firstly, they guided her to find health food stores in Chicago and buy healthy vegetables and fruits for herself, secondly they counseled her to inculcate workout in her routine as she needs to keep her body active along with her mind. These advises created a great impact on Miley’s mind as they changed her perspective of life, she started to value her life and decided to change herself for good.

After getting a discharge from the hospital, three days later, she went live on Instagram to narrate her story and warn people about the repercussions about eating junk food beyond a limit, she narrated her and her parent’s state of mind and how the doctors were serious about inculcating good eating habits. Now, she decided to consult a nutritionist and hire a yoga teacher for herself. She swore that she would minimize her junk food intake as it is nothing but a treat to our taste buds, which might not prove to be a treat to our body in the long run. She now believes and lives by the quote- “The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in”-BKS Iyengar

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