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There are many big and small nations in the world but the education system is a bit different everywhere you go. Countries that have the best education systems are also the most developed countries and of course offer more employment opportunities to the deserved one. There are certain countries that follow the marking method of these developed nations just because of their efficiency and their acceptance all over the world.

Some countries even try to make some changes in the education system by introducing some new marking system or just making some slight changes in the system and making a new system of their own. Countries like India introduced the CGPA method of evaluation which is again a not-so-good copy of the grading system in countries like Germany, Netherlands, USA, and UK. CGPA is not very effective and that is why people who passed their classes with this pattern often seek help to convert their CGPA to marks which can be done using an online calculator. Click here to use the converter for free and read below about the countries with the best education system in the world.


According to a survey made recently, Finland has the world’s best education system. There are some parameters used to determine the best education system in the world and Finland has passed all those parameters with good grades to be named as the best place to have an education. The country has achieved this spot due to the teacher-to-student ratios, student passing ratios in primary and secondary school. For a very long time, the country has managed to outperform the US in several fields like Maths, Science, and Reading. Here the students have more options to choose their path and they are free to do so. Also, the school opening days are 190 only which attracts many people.


The second biggest country in the field of education in Japan, which has maintained the number two spot after Finland for a very long time. The country accepts applications and students from all over the world and people, even from countries like the US, come here to study and be a part of this education sector. The major thing that has contributed towards the success of the education system here is the understanding between the students of age groups 5 to 14. Despite having tough competition from counter snake South Korea and Russia, Japan has stood strong in the education field for a very long time.


Denmark has never been a praised country for its positioning in the survey yet it has been known for its created education system among elites. Prior, Denmark was in a lower position in the rundown of education systems on the planet yet because of passing the five recently included pointers, it has taken a monster jump and got a situation among the top nations in the field of education. The pointer that assisted Denmark with bouncing on the highest position is the increased instructor-to-student proportion for optional and elementary schools. 

United Kingdom

Albeit this nation would have been an extraordinary contender to every one of the top-pointers in the rundown, yet current clashes between government and educators have made it fall back to the lower position. The United Kingdom could improve if the public authority wisely handles the current circumstances like giving better wages to educators, upgraded classroom backing to students, and delivering each class with present-day educational offices.

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