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Birth registration is a lifelong and legal document of the life of a newborn. A minor who has not been registered at birth is at risk of being refused the privilege of an official identity, known name, and citizenship. Registration is indeed a valuable tool for the growth of a country since the identification process requires gathering data on vital records (amount of births and deaths). It is an integral part of a sustainable strategy for kids since it offers a longitudinal foundation.

Date of birth has many benefits and there are many uses of the date of birth in the day to day life. Apart from serving as the major document proof of your identity and your citizenship, it is also used in the higher-level competitive exams and it forms a major form of the question set for the students appearing for the exams. Even many calculators based on age are being made for people to judge their age at a certain point in the time period. DOB From Age Calculator is very common nowadays due to the rise in questions related to the age of individuals.

Benefits Of Birth Certificate Registration

Access To The Medical Facilities

Thousands of children die every year because of infectious diseases until they hit the age of five. Non – registered kids are frequently unable to receive or spend more than a licensed child for healthcare coverage. But a birth certificate ensures that an infant will have access to medical care and to vaccines that he or she wants to remain protected.

Helps In School Or Universities

When you take admission in any school or university you need to prove your identity and your age for the course or for the class that you want to enter and without a birth certificate, the person will be left out of university. But with a date of birth, the kid would have the required paperwork to register in government-supported schools or in the supported universities. The date of birth certificate is one of the major documents asked when you enter either school or university.

Serves As A Protection Shield For People

The government holds the record of every person with them and they recognize them with those records when any violent or unfaithful event happens. Without registration, government authorities have no proof of the life of a person. As a consequence, the legislation is ineffective in shielding them from violence and harassment. However, successful birth registration covers kids and grants everyone their human liberties. 

Proof Of Ownership

When a non – registered kid’s parents die, they must legitimately claim that they are linked to the ownership of their family estate. But with birth registration, the person will now have valid evidence of their familial relationships, guaranteeing that they get what belongs to them. The birth certificate certifies that you belong to the same family and even if there is no will made by your parents, it can be automatically transferred in your favor because you are the actual heir of the family.

Provides You Recognition And Identity

When you are born this must be the very first official legal document that provides you the identity and recognizes you as a citizen of the country and the newest member of your family. If a tragedy happens and a person is divided from his or her family, a connection will be nearly unlikely without adequate recognition. However, with birth certificates, government agencies can easily bind households and keep any children from going unacknowledged.

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