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Chance and Sheldon are best buddies, neighbors and classmates. They study in the same high school and now they are preparing for college. Sheldon is a very intelligent boy with a high intelligence quotient and excellent intellect whereas Chance is an average boy with agreeable intelligence quotient and good intellect, he is an excellent basketball player. Following is an interesting conversation between Chance and Sheldon.

Sheldon: Chance, how are your studies going on? I am really worried about your grades buddy, how will you get admission in a good college?

Chance: Dude, I appreciate your concern, but I need to score an average score which I am already getting . I need to up my game in basketball in order to get into a great college.

Sheldon: Oh, really? I don’t think so that will help you, there are so many good basketball players in the school, why will the selectors of your dream college select you?

Chance: Oh my Shelly! You are so pessimistic! You haven’t seen me play to my best effort till yet. It may look like I am boasting about my skills, but I am pretty much sure that I am the best basketball player in this school and in fact, in this area. No one can beat me.

Sheldon: You are boasting my friend! But, let’s see how your plan goes.

Chance(in a tensed mode): I am a serious planner! I have everything in control.

Chance(thinking out loud): Is Sheldon correct? Should I really not depend on my basketball skills? (after calming down in a while) Rubbish! This dude made me doubt myself for a minute there. I know I am going to get through.

Sheldon: Don’t get me wrong Channy, I want you to have the best of future and a great life ahead! I want nothing but the best for both of us.

Chance: I understand that buddy. I know you are just concerned about me as you really care for me, but trust me , I know what I am doing.

Sheldon: Okay, as you say. See you tomorrow now!

Chance: Yes, will do. But remember, from tomorrow I have to stay back at the school to practice for the upcoming zonal basketball competitions, so I would not be accompanying you back home. Coach organised the tryouts yesterday and I made it to the team.

Sheldon: That’s great Channy! All the best to you buddy!

Sheldon and Chance carry on with their lives now. While Chance’s team wins the zonal tournament, and Chance got selected for the interview round for his dream college, on the other hand, Sheldon makes it to his dream college and is extremely happy.

Chance is due for an interview with the principal of the college, he enters the room confidently

Principal: Glad to meet you Mr. Hofstader. Tell me something about yourself.

Chance: It’s nice to meet you too, sir. My name is Chance Hofstader , I live in Manhattan, New York. I live with my mom , dad and a little dog. My hobbies include playing basketball, painting and playing Clash Royale in my free time.

Principal: Wait a minute! You are a clash royale player too? I love that game! It is so easy and interesting, I play this online game in my free time too. But, I have a problem, I need some kind of gems to boost up my level, where can I get those?

Chance: Oh! That’s easy! I use clash royale free gems for this. It is easy and downloading it is not required.

Principal: That is so cool! Thank you. I always knew that I would cherish free gems , that too, in an online game.

Both Chance and the principal continue with their interview, and finally, Chance cleared all the levels and got into his dream college. His hard work and practice paid off.

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