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If you want to find out how to establish a connection with your audience through captions, how to write more meaningful captions on Instagram, and how to improve your writing on social media or elsewhere overall, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will give you a few valuable tips on how to improve your writing and I will give you a few ideas on what kind of captions you can create.

You may ask why captions are even that important. Isn’t Instagram all about pretty pictures? But no, not anymore!  Instagram isn’t a cute photo album for your family and friends anymore where you can just post a photo of your ice cream or your legs on the beach on a holiday. So many people still do it but there is still so much more to do on this platform. Sure, looking at the pretty picture is fun but it doesn’t build trust. So, how do you build trust? You build trust by giving valuable and entertaining content to your audience. There are a few types of meaningful captions you can write. I will give you a few examples of what kind of captions you can write for each type.

Informative captions with tips

Do you travel a lot? Do you know how to book the cheapest tickets and hotels? Do you know a lot about photography? Or maybe you know a lot of cool coffee shops around your area. Whatever your knowledge is you can write about it. If you are a traveller, for example, you can write about your experience with a particular tour operator or top places to visit in a country, how to book the cheapest flight or a bit of cultural information about the country. Just make sure that you don’t copy the boring Wikipedia articles. I see a lot of people writing informative captions which just reek of Wikipedia style. It’s boring and it lacks personality. When you are writing about some kind of cultural tips, for example, release them to your own experience, rephrase it, add your words to it, and let your personality show. 

Stories from your day to day life 

Every single one of us has stories. Did you see something funny or super annoying happening during your commute to work this morning? I used to read a lot of texts during commute so, I observed what was happening and I wrote about it. Since there are so many people who commute every morning, nice chances are that there are a lot of people who would relate to your experiences. Make your story funny, witty, relatable, or maybe something very embarrassing happened to you years ago and now you’re finally okay to talk about it.

Experiences and valuable lessons learned 

Did you experience many ups and downs in your life which others might relate to? Of course, sharing something like this requires you to be comfortable with your vulnerabilities. I love it when people show their experiences with anxiety and how they overcame it. For example, how they work on their mindset and what kind of mindset blocks they experience. I know some of you might say my life is so boring I don’t have any experiences to share but that’s not true. If you live you’ve experienced some interesting things. You might think that your life is dull but it’s only you who thinks that, to others, your experiences might seem really fun and exciting.

I hope you found some useful information out of this article. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. And, if you want to find out more on Instagram captions click HERE.

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