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When we all choose any ethernet cable, the first thing that we look for is the shape of the ethernet cable like if it is round or flat. Personally, the best ethernet cable are the flat ones as compared to the round ones. You save space, you get more speed, you get more reliability, you can run it anywhere with comfort and they come with great build quality from inside and outside.

You can find the Best Flat Ethernet Cable on almost every E-commerce site like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart with some lucrative offers from many sellers. Flat cables are more common these days due to their great quality and easy storage options and people who were using round-shaped ethernet cables before are now switching to flat ethernet cables. 

Although round cables are known to be more durable than flat cables but still the flat cables deliver a very fine performance in terms of speed and reliability. If you need a cable for using LAN services at your workplace than using flat ethernet cables is the best option you have, as they can run along the walls very well and you can even hide them below your carpet without getting noticed by anyone. 

For gaming purpose, it is good to have a flat ethernet cable as you can get rid of those round-shaped wires at home that takes up more storage and seems awkward in your room setting. On the other hand, the flat ethernet cable can run on the floor without getting any attention and your room looks less awkward with the kind of cables. Why would anyone like their home to look a little awkward in front of anyone else. 

You can use these ethernet cables with any device having RJ45 connection support and if you have CAT7 Or CAT8 with you, there are chances that the previous versions will get connected to this as well. The new and advanced technology has been used on these cables to get faster transmission results as well as more durability. Most of the cables last for very long time periods but if in some cases you get a defective piece or you wire gets damaged in a short time period you can always claim it in the warranty period. 

Most of the time the wires are in good condition and last long but there can be some exceptional cases with every wire whether it is round or flat that the wire is damaged or gets damaged within a few days of usage. You can ask for the replacement of you can ever ask for a refund in some cases if you want but this thing does not mean that all the wires would be like this only. This is just a possibility and it can happen with any product. 

Before buying anything do check the reviews and ratings of the item you are going to purchase and after satisfying yourself you should make a purchase of anything. If you are looking for the best flat ethernet cables online you can find the reviews on the internet and compare all the wires before you choose one. 

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