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People have confused about the making of viscose fabric and they are still confused about many other fabrics like cotton and other synthetic fabrics. But do you really know what is viscose? Maybe you have heard about the viscose but maybe you know it with the name rayon. Viscose is made by the tree pulp and mostly the beech, pine, and eucalyptus are used but in many cases, bamboo can also be used. Due to the involvement of many chemicals like sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide in the making process of viscose, it is sometimes referred to as semi-synthetic material. 

It was known as artificial silk in the early ’90s and then after some time rayon name came into effect. The name viscose was given to this fabric due to the cellulose process that it goes through while making. The whole process was called the viscose process, so the name viscose came into existence. There are some more things and facts that you might not know about this fabric, so here we have gathered some information about this fabric. Understand this fabric from the information provided below.

Some Characteristics Of Viscose

Viscose is a very good fabric choice if you are looking for something soft and lustrous which goes well with every other fabric. The viscose is cheap according to other fabrics and dresses or outfits made with this fabric look good and costs less at the same time. Apart from these small things, there are some more characteristics of this material which might excite you.

  • Soft – The fabrics are very soft to touch and it feels like cotton while you wear it but it looks like silk from outside when anyone sees it. When you wear it you can feel the softness on your body while you get a lustrous look from the outfit.
  • Lightweight – The fabric is very airy and it is very lightweight which makes it a very good choice for blouses and evening dresses. People who like to wear lightweight clothes can buy this fabric.
  • Absorbent – The viscose fabric doesn’t attract heat but it can retain water but the good news is that it dries very quickly. People who have a very active lifestyle and go jogging or run every day can buy viscose-based t-shirts or outfits.
  • Breathable – Viscose is very airy as you all know now but it doesn’t stick with your body helping your body to breathe more and it is optimal for warm clothing. Clothes that stick to your body sometimes irritate you while your viscose is breathable and feels very loose on your body.
  • Maintains Shape – The fabric is not elastic for its nature but combining it with the spandex fabrics adds more elasticity to its nature and it can maintain its shape easily. 
  • Easy to Dye – One of the major qualities of this fabric is that it doesn’t lose its color even after getting dyed with any other color and getting washed several times. It is very easy to dye this fabric and it does not leave color anytime soon.
  • Cost-Effective – The fabric is very cost-effective and it is not as costly as silk that looks similar to the viscose fabric while it is as soft as cotton but on the other hand viscose is cheaper than cotton. Buying this fabric ensures that you get both the qualities of silk and cotton at the same time but at a cheaper price.

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