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I have been working on a chemical plant for quite a long and the air compressor is on the major thing used here. I have worked with many air compressor brands like Bistitich, California Air Tools, Dewalt, and Campbell Hausfeld here but my pick among all these big brands is Campbell Hausfeld and after that, I would say it is California Air Tools is the brand which is good. I am not saying that Dewalt and Bostitch are the worst but in my working condition Campbell Air compressor has suited me the best. 

Some of my friends are into the construction business and work and mostly they prefer Dewalt over there. Dewalt is quite affordable I guess among all these brands and it is absolutely powerful when it comes to power. Campbell Hausfeld is also a really powerful device and most importantly it is a long-lasting device. I am the supervisor here in my chemical plant and have to look after some administration work as well, so from choosing the right staff to be deployed at the right place and choosing the best materials and equipment for their task is completely my responsibility.

In the starting period of my job, I have no idea on how to choose the right equipment and tools to carry out all the operations but with time and experience, I gained a lot of knowledge from my superiors by just watching them how they do their tasks and what is their perspective regarding the nature of work. 

Now when I have to purchase some equipment for work, I usually go online and read the product description, reviews and ratings by customers and by the reviewers and read about all the pros and cons of every device and after doing all the research work, I purchase that product. Some days back I needed a new air compressor as my last Campbell air compressor broke down after 3 years of constant heavy usage and it is the longest I have seen an air compressor working for this much time period. 

Really impressed by its durability and performance, I made another purchase of Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor after a long research on the internet. I was not able to make up my mind which air compressor can fit the purpose but after reading some reviews from, I was able to identify that the 60-gallon model will serve the purpose without any issues. 

I am working with the device right now and even the workers working with that device feel this is the perfect, powerful device and it will serve us for a very long time without any issues. It takes up a little time to fill the air tank but that is fine if you are using a 60-gallon big device. The air compressor is very quiet and the decibel rating must be somewhere between 80-90, which is extremely good for a big sized air compressor.

I am happy purchasing this device and I hope that this device also lasts long like my old Campbell Hausfeld device. If you are also planning to buy an air compressor for your industrial usage, you should definitely try out this brand once.

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