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Casey’s Pizza is a popular chain of pizza restaurants throughout the Midwest. The company was founded in 1959 by two brothers who started their business in Des Moines, Iowa. Casey’s Pizza offers a wide range of Italian cuisine and pizza options, including salads, calzones and sandwiches.

What brand of cheese does Casey’s use on their pizza?

Casey’s Pizza uses a variety of different cheeses on their pizza. Cheddar cheese is one of their most popular cheeses and it is used on all of their pizzas. However, they also use mozzarella cheese and pepper jack cheese, as well as parmesan and romano cheese for their specialty pizzas like the Hawaiian or California Supreme.

Casey’s does not make their own pizza dough because they are too busy making your pizza!

What kind of crust does Casey’s have?

  • Thin crust. This is the traditional pizza crust that’s popular all over the world. It’s made with a blend of flour and water, which is then baked in an oven until it becomes a golden brown.
  • Deep dish crust. A deep dish pizza has more dough than normal, so you have to fold it over your toppings to eat them (this can be messy).
  • Stuffed crust. Instead of adding cheese to the outside of your pizza, this style features extra cheese inside! So instead of having one layer on top and one layer underneath, you get two layers inside: one for sauce/toppings and one for cheese/more sauce/more toppings (it’s almost like getting two pizzas!). You could even call it double stuffed or something like that if you wanted to get fancy about it… but honestly I just googled “stuffed” because I’m lazy so let’s stick with that word 😉
  • Gluten free crusts are made from rice flour instead of wheat flour and tend to have a nuttier flavor than regular bread products

How long does it take to make a Casey’s pizza?

Casey’s pizza is made in just 30 minutes. It’s called the “World Famous” pizza, and it gets its name because it was invented by accident. The story goes that a young Casey’s employee named Joe Klinker was asked to make some pizzas for a group of hungry customers on his day off from work. He took his time making these pizzas, but when he finally delivered them to the table of waiting patrons, they were so popular that everyone wanted one!

So what makes the World Famous so special? Well…

  • It’s made in a special oven that cooks only at 800 degrees Fahrenheit (which is about twice as hot as regular home ovens). This helps keep ingredients from sticking together when cooking.
  • The dough is mixed with water instead of milk or eggs; this creates an airy consistency unlike anything else you’ve tasted before!
  • The cheese melts into its own bubbly layer on top; no need to add sauce!

Where does Casey’s get their cheese?

If you’re a fan of Casey’s pizza, then you’re probably familiar with the taste of their breadsticks. That’s because Casey’s uses their own pizza dough, so they can make their breadsticks fresh as well. But what about the cheese?

Casey’s uses a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses when making their pizzas. This is why Casey’s has such a unique flavor compared to other fast food chains that only use one type of cheese on their pies. On top of that, Casey’s also adds some provolone cheese into the mix!


So, does Casey’s make their own pizza dough? In short, yes, they do. The answer is a little more complicated than that though and depends on where you’re ordering from. There are some locations that make their own dough while others buy it pre-made. However, no matter where you order from there will always be fresh ingredients used in making your meal which means delicious tasting food! If wants to know does casey’s deliver pizza , just click to know.

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