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A house becomes a home when you put your heart into, decorating a house according to your views becomes very important as it is the part of the nesting process, in fact, it is said that before a baby is born, the parents should involve in room decorating as it is a process of nesting..that makes the parents closer to their unborn child..similarly decorating a house makes the owners feel a little closer to the place they are going to live in.

Decorating a house can be a little overwhelming as there are several options to choose from, many showrooms to visit and endless things to choose from..I mean there are so many shops and showrooms offering home decor materials and services, so following certain steps can make this overwhelming experience into a  fun, soothing and very enjoyable encounter.

  • Decide about the vibe you want- There are many people who prefer a modern touch to their house and many people love a traditional rustic feeling in their house..choose what kind of architecture you would want..modern or traditional. In fact, there is also an option of fusing these two types of architectures to give your house a great twist.
  • Space utilization: Utilizing space diligently is the most important aspect a home should have..because unequal distribution of space will lead to unnecessary waste of space. Make sure not to overcrowd your house because mobility within the house would prove to be very difficult.
  • Theme: Nowadays, a particular theme runs throughout a house, which gives it a uniformity, so decide upon a theme which best suits everyone in your family. (Theme can be room-wise too)
  • Decor: Decide upon the kind of decor you need..for example, to keep a house simple, very minimalistic and sleek items can be used..or to light up your house, floral decorative items can be used..or to give your house a quirky vibe, comic book decor can be used..or to give your house a very modern feel a lot of wooden decor items can be used.
  • Fittings: Buy the necessary fittings according to the theme and decor you have decide. For example: flooring, washroom fittings, electrical switches, doors, windows,etc.
  • Furniture: After deciding the vibe and theme of your house, decide the type of furniture you would like to buy..obviously, it should match to the kind of vibe you prefer.
  • Buy necessities: Buy the necessities according to your requirements, for example, wardrobes, air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, etc. There is a huge range and different types of varieties in various designs and colors. Choose them according to your selected theme and decor.
  •  Choose overhead decor items: Choose beds, couch, bed sheets, cushions, curtains,etc according to the vibe you are going for.

While planning and decorating your house, make sure that whatever you buy should be of good quality and if that means spending a little more than usual, then go ahead and do it…as it is better to spend a little more one time rather than spending money again and again (to fix or replace cheap things).


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