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There are many products on the market that require you to buy another product in order to use it. My invention will not require you to buy something else in order to use it. My invention will not rely on other products you need to buy. My invention will be inexpensive and easy to use, and most of all: no one has ever watched a video of an inventor describing how his or her idea is different from others that are currently on the market.

Here, at, we want to put a dent in the universe by putting you on an accelerated path toward becoming a successful investor. If you want to know about how to become an inventor we can help with that too.

Why haven’t other people invented this idea?

It’s time to get details on the different ways an entrepreneur can become an inventor. If you want to know how to fund your invention, there are three ways to do that. You can study the different types of inventions, learn about becoming an eighth-grade inventor, or find out what inventors do every day.

How does your invention work?

As a quick way of answering the most common question I get asked, yes, you should be concerned about getting your invention idea patented. Anyone can come up with a unique idea but you have to make sure it’s yours and no one else is using it. A patent is a way for the inventor to claim ownership over their idea. Once you’ve done that you are in good shape from a legal perspective and no one else can use your idea without infringing on your patent – this is especially important if you want to sell your idea to another company or if you want to license it out yourself.

What kind of problem does it solve?

Our site has been built to help inventors, product makers, and investors. We realize the challenges inventors & product makers have in finding the right investors to fund their ideas. We also realize that you may be an investor looking for the next great inventor or product maker with a product that is set to put a dent in this world.

Have you talked to any other inventors who have tried to do something similar?

There are many incredible new inventions and products being invented every day. There are hundreds or even thousands of them competing for your investment and investment dollars. Since it’s unlikely that you’ve seen all of these inventions, it’s important to have a way to evaluate the quality of what you will be paying for. After all, even the best intentions can fail if there isn’t a market for them.


For the first time in history, we have virtually instantaneous access to millions of people around the world with a swipe of a finger or click of a button. The old systems are being disrupted and replaced with new technologies and systems that will allow more and more people to become investors. Be prepared to meet more people that want what you have and partners that you can do business with. The process has already begun, don’t be left behind.


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