Asheville Art

An Artist from Asheville

World is full of  mystery and surprises you just need an artistic eye to capture all the beautiful and candid moments which is all around us. Everything around us is an art, this whole universe itself is an art and we humans and all other living creatures are just a small part of this wide spread universe.

Whether thought that why these planets in universe looks like and circle or an oval, why our earth has only living creatures, why or surrounding are so beautiful, why going out to see some beautiful place fills our hearts with joy and many more things are there which has no specific answers. When  you see your surroundings, you will see many things like trees, plants, animals, mountains, rivers, lakes and other beautiful things which are a part of nature, which makes our surroundings more attractive and interesting for all of us. These things have their own art of attracting you towards them. 

When you go out to some mountain areas you will see how  beautifully nature has retained these mountains from a very long time without affecting its beauty. You see plain land and roads around you and you know how they were made by the people but do you know how nature created these mountains? We all go to visit these places and we enjoy our time in such areas but only some artistic mind can think of some rare ideas and concepts behind this. This is how nature created its art by crafting beautiful mountains for us.

Ever visited a place where two big rivers join each other? If you haven’t visited such place I would suggest you to visit such place once in your life and see how nature created yet another art by merging two rivers together at one place. When you visit such a pace you can see how water of two different rivers look like, you can easily see the difference in their colour and their water flow. Just imagine why colour of water in these two rivers different? How this is possible? How beautifully nature managed to merge all the rivers and later on meets the ocean or sea at last. This is another example of nature being artistic and showing us its beauty.

Living creatures like humans, trees, animals, birds and other mammals live in this artistic world but have you ever imagined why only humans need money, home, clothes and other essential items to survive in this would? Why animals, trees, birds and others do not need any of these things? A banyan tree which lives for almost 250 years does not require any of the things like we humans need but still manages to live for 250 years and we humans who have access to all the products from nature have a comparatively small life span. That’s how every other living thing is different from each other, just think why is it so? This is another beauty of nature which is very unique and very mysterious.

That’s how and artistic mind sees the world and always curious to know about all these small things which is spread all around us in some form or other. Try to see the world with new perspective and you will definitely find yourself unique in a group of people.

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