into the tabernacle of seem

the last heroes


thieflow.jpg (19523 bytes)   
24 x 46 x 8
jesus1low.jpg (21296 bytes) 
21 x 41 x 4
savedlow.jpg (27734 bytes) 
24 x 49 x 6
head detail  scripture detail bowl detail
book detail bottom detail head detail
body detail bottom detail lily, rose Zaddikim detail
body detail huge file huge file
body detail
huge file

wagner was right and william butler said it too... 
i guess we got a new millennium + some estranged gods
and that's why the only upheaval worth a shit
is religious... the need to create a new messenger for a god
seemingly en vacanes...
i would place HIM wandering around the ardeche somewhere
AND if i know him, he'll find him and come down from one of those hills...

all mixed medium charcoal, wood, acrylic and oil paint, black glass, acrylic, brass, copper, pewter, pastel stick, steel, fiber glass, ink