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                                                                                                               The Bond of Love

– Ashley Cyrus

Mississippi, USA: So, as you all know that I am an avid traveler. I travel because it is connected to my soul, travel makes me feel alive  and connected to the world. I dream to travel all over the world and be acquainted to the religions worldwide. My last trip to Paris was amazing, I explored the city thoroughly and got to know about it’s rich culture. Obviously, Eiffel Tower was the main attraction of the city, it is a beautiful masterpiece and so romantic, I could not help but notice the fact that Eiffel Tower has become commercialized to quite an extent, which is my opinion only my opinion, but all in all Paris is a wonderful and beautiful city and has a lot of scrumptious food.

So, my next trip is for three months and this time I will record my live experiences and share it with my avid readers because the place that I am bound to visit is India. India is a part of the continent Asia , and it has emerged as a very well developed country. I have heard that India is a very culturally rich and holds a lot of diversity, in the form of languages, food, traditions, etc. I googled India before deciding to go there and i was nothing short of mesmerized, it is such a beautiful country, so colorful, so rich in culture, I became absolutely excited.

So, for the starters, I began my journey with Kerela, a beautiful city in southern India. On the very first day, I saw Kathakali , a religious dance of India, it had so much of colors, the dancers painted their faces and performed on stage, it was so exhilarating and exciting, I loved the whole experience. I met a family in one of the villages and they were the sweetest people ever, they were such good hosts to a person like me, a stranger, they offered me special food and their special drink which was absolutely delicious. I sat with them and listened to their family story, I got to know that the parents were married when they were just sixteen and the woman got pregnant at the young age of  seventeen, she bore a girl, so she was very happy to find out that the baby was healthy and safe, but unfortunately towards the end of the pregnancy , she faced a lot of troubles which made the delivery very complicated, the doctor declared that because of these complications , the woman could not bear any child further, which obviously teared the parents down because they wanted to have another child. The parents then decided to adopt a boy and so they did, they adopted a four year old boy from the local orphanage. The little girl got a friend, a brother and a playmate, she was very happy and ecstatic that her parents got her a big brother. She tied him rakhi(a thread tied on brother’s wrist as a symbol of sibling’s love and bond), I clicked their picture and posted the picture on my Instagram page, I saw caption for brothers for it and posted it happily. Later, I bid them goodbye and continued my journey.

Now, the rest of my journey would surely be posted every three days, continue reading my blogs to read the surreal experiences I’ve had.

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