adam and eve


art by syprian


gifts from the dead
justice series
the quick & dead i've known

wall  sculpture
metal furniture


to get an understanding of this art, explore Eric Pettifor 's 
comprehensive site about psychology and personality

winter 2005
jan-feb 2006

contact syprian: dmoll415 at yahoo dot com

syprian harvey 547 perry avenue, greenville, south carolina 29611
syprian harvey  115 elk mountain road, asheville, north carolina 28804

metal sculpture, metal furniture, art brut, outsider art, charcoal drawil sculpture, brut art, metaphysical art, metaphysical sculpture, mixed medium

't read this it's simply an attempt to add keywords like sculpture, mixed media to a search engine. I also like outsider art brut, or just plain steel sculpture. Jesus and Ruby acrylics and charcoals, figurative mixed media sculpture. blah, blah, blah. I hate doing this, but what other way can i get my large and small sculpture on the net and compete with other  ilike to think of this as visionary artformal paintings or abstract charcoal drawings, metal wall sculpture, metalart,artmetal,outsider art in asheville, north carolina,bstract and charcoal drawings,metaphysical metal, large metal art sculptures,welded steal metal furniture, spiritual artthree dimensional sites. who knows this my not even help.