salt creek gallery

1600 4th Street South

St. Petersburg

Show continues till January 2nd, 2010

Critique by Lennie Bennett


I appreciate the support of those of you who attended and those of you who purchased my work. I believe that a little more than 1/3 of the show sold during the vernissage on November 20th.

This webpage contains some pictures of the show, comments on individual works, and an artist statement.




From left: Messenger #1, Z1, the End of One Bird Molting, (P7) Read, Quote and Believe Them!, the Golem, (o2) Zu Spaet


From left: Messenger #1, the Prophet, My Friend and a Cow Named Poop (Z1)


MEAT in the foreground.


Left and center, the end series. On the right, Ezekiel.


Left, Justice Now & Then. Center, the End of One Clown Packing. Right, Halt.


Left, the End of One Man Hoping. Center, G5. Right, Moritz.


Center piece, the Street Musician.




Horse, a prototype


The Pollination of Alice Brinkley.


Most of the work I do is part of a series. In this show MEAT and its central figure, Priest, were done in a time frame of six weeks prior to the show, as were the paintings. Street Musician is a personal statement of a two year period during which I suffered a personal calamity and somehow emerged from it. The Street Musician is that time's culmination.

One of you asked me last week why my work was so aggressive.

This is what I think I feel about art:

I am self-taught. I believe that art is a means, not an end; yet, art should be about something. Carry a meaning, be a reaction and not hide behind the pretentious. It should be naked, childlike whenever possible, childish when necessary. And although I always tip my hat to the greats of the past, I believe that an artist must view his /her times as the most important... how else could we not have a vision of the future? I also believe that art should contain connotation; that it should contain in itself a constellation of images, words or patterns that ought to point to or reference things outside itself. This may be easier for a painter to do than a sculptor. I believe that a work of art is the totality of the artist's behavior, not unconnected to life. I let things influence my art as it is happening because any action taken by me, intended or accidental, or any effect of the environment on my art while i'm busy with it, will end up in it... you'll find coffee stains, scrapes, telephone numbers, shopping lists and occasional hemoglobin.

A Statement

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