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If you are a hardcore gamer then you would love to play games on all your available devices. The most famous gamers in this world usually play games on pcs, mobile devices, tablets, and even on their Nintendo. But when you have a customized pc at your home, you do not prefer to play games on small screens. 

However, once you get bored of playing on big screens and suppose if you are not at your home and you want to play a game, you would look at your phone for games. Games can be played both on your android and ios devices but here we are only talking about games that people play on their iPhones. So here is the list of the top ten games that people love to play on their iPhones.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is the development of 2015’s Alto’s Adventure. The new game continues the series’ capacity to consolidate the mechanics of a smooth, endless sprinter with the stunning visuals of skiing. Travel down the mountain while finishing goals, gathering coins, and acquiring upgrades along with your excursion.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale was launched by Supercell in the mid of 2016. Since then it has emerged as one of the most profitable games for makers. The game involves playing with cards and combating with the deck of other players globally. To increase your player’s potential, you need gems and gold that can be grabbed from many in-game sources. But if you want to get free gems and gold, use the clash royale gem generator

Dead Cells

This ruthless roguelike game makes its approach to iOS after a successful dispatch on home consoles and PC. It puts you in charge of a small animal that can assume responsibility for dead bodies. Your goal in Dead Cells is to escape from prison by picking up catalysts and battling alliances through randomized stages.

The Escapists

The goal of The Escapists is to figure out how to escape from prison. You can meander through the prison, gathering or making items, taking assignments from individual inmates, and step up your character. At the point when you escape, it’s on to the following prison. Try not to get captured, otherwise, all the work you have done will be cleared out. 


After its release in 2017, Fortnite has surprised the gaming network with its accessible gameplay, free online availability, and brisk setup. The game has since extended to versatile, permitting players to appreciate the same gameplay they would have if they were on a home console.


In 2014 Heroes of Warcraft arrived worldwide. Hearthstone is an allowed-to-play, turn-based, collectible game that borrows from the existing World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. Its notoriety has prompted the release of numerous expansion packs and even an eSport competition.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go arrived worldwide in 2016 by Nintendo. The portable application consolidated area-based and expanded reality innovation to transform the demonstration of getting Pokemon into a social and physically dynamic occasion. The game continues to get updates, adding new Pokemon, items, Raid Battles, and different features.  

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been a success on the home console and PC gaming market, so it makes sense that versatile would be the following spot to grow. Players would now be able to meet up in a monster fight royale mode directly from their cell phones.

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