the dead

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father esposito s.j.
height= 84
width= 12
depth= 9 

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For great how-to basics  to the 3-dimensional approach for metal sculpture, get Dottie Erdmann's Hands on Sculpting. Nice things come in small packages. For a more left-brained inquiry try out Sculpture: Principles and Practice. A good "from theory to practice" presentation. Hey, this is not metaphysical sculpture or mystical sculpture, this is a low-down kick-ass book. But if you want a huge reference with lots of knowledge-based info, order The Materials and Methods of's a tome and a half. If you're serious and want to do what I do--metal sculpture--then start out slowly. Call your local community college or tech school and sign up for a course. The books that accompany the course are usually good. If you're nuts in a right-brained sort of way, get Welding Fundamentals: Student's Manual or something equivalent and go buy torches and regulators, find a welding supplier and just DO IT. abstract metal sculpture, metaphysical metal art, small steel sculpture, three dimensional art, spiritual sculpture, metal sculpture, art brut, outsider art, outsider metal art, visionary art