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Charcoal drawings vary in their content of charcoal versus acrylic base. A few have a little oil pastel, all a smidgeon of ash and graphite. I've always thought that coffee, grease and some good old dirt are essential ingredients. The iron oxide is a simple transfer from some of my sculpture. I try to use the heaviest watercolor paper I can get my hands on. 

Add $40 for shipping and insurance. Size in inches. Medium: charcoal, acrylic, ash, graphite, grease, coffee, oil pastel, FeO2 on 280-300 lb. watercolor
paper unframed. All originals. Artist: Syprian    

syprian harvey 115 elk mountain road, asheville, north carolina 28804


This is tough! The the pen and ink and charcoal drawing books I remember studying from seem to be out of print. I've picked three that are currently available. For young artists I'd recommend Art Works, as a primer. It's good, with plenty of explanations and suggestions. For the more complete artist, I think a neat compilation is The Drawing Process: Rendering. It is a nice overview of general rendering and abstract drawings with specific examples for pen and ink, graphite and charcoals. It emphasizes the techniques of various mediums. A reference must! One of the best for charcoal drawing specialists is Life Drawing in Charcoal by Doug Graves. It's currently on back order. I hope they can find it quick. If you can find Pastel, Charcoal, and Chalk Drawing by Norm Lalibert, get it. His book includes a historical retrospective of great charcoals and history of charcoal drawing in general. Ken Goldman wrote a simple yet generic book entitled Charcoal Drawing A friend of mine has it and says it's pretty complete, but doesn't go into a great amount of detail. There's a short but nice section on erasing-- extremely important for the student of charcoal renderings. Most examples are abstract drawings. All my books are ancient, printed in the fifties. About ten years ago I gave up on buying a lot of expensive charcoal and now make my own! There's an interesting book on charcoal making called Simple Technologies of Charcoal Making. There's also a similar section in Charcoal Art If you want to wait, I just may write my own. charcoals, charcoal drawings , pen and ink DRAWings, how to draw, two dimensional art, pastel drawings, drawings, pencil renderings, pen and pencil drawings, art, acrylic painting, black and white drawings, charcoals, renderings, syprian's drawings, syprian's charcoals, charcoalscharcoa  charcoal drawings, charcoal drawings charcoals, charcoal drawings, drawings in charcoal,